We're here to help you feel empowered 
with gear that moves with your body, not against it.

Powerful Apparel for Powerful Women

We wanted to make the activewear that our community felt was missing. So instead of guessing, we asked. 

We interviewed over 60 women to understand their frustrations with their activewear, and asked them to rigorously test our garments for flaws or areas of improvement. For us, it was a non-negotiable that our activewear was tested in sizes XS-3XL, to ensure that the fit and performance was perfect across the board. Whether you've been training for a few months, haven't started your journey yet, or martial arts is a massive part of your life, when you're wearing Wicked Rose, you can move with full confidence.

Canadian Made All The Way

We are proud to say that all of our clothing is made in Vancouver, BC, in a women-owned manufacturing facility.

We had to do a lot of digging to find a manufacturer that met our standards for top-notch production quality and ethical working conditions, so we were very excited when we found one we're really proud of. The best part is that we're able to visit our manufacturer anytime, and be incredibly hands-on throughout the manufacturing and design process.

We Ship with Sustainability in Mind

Your orders are shipped in 100% compostable packaging (made of corn!)

We source from Noissue and our plantable clothing tags are from Botanical Paperworks. The tissue paper and stickers that your order comes wrapped in are FSC certified and printed with soy-based inks which are completely acid-free. Take a look at what you're getting in your package here!

Plant the paper once it arrives!

Once you receive your order you can plant your clothing tags to grow wildflowers!🌺

Simply grab a small cup or pot, fill it with planting soil, bury your tag just below the surface of the soil (⅛” deep), place your pot in a sunny spot, and watch your wildflowers grow! You can throw your compostable packaging in the compost bin and the tissue paper in the recycling bin.

Visit Botanical Paperworks for full instructions on caring for your growing plants!
*We're only able to include plantable tags with our Canadian orders right now, due to import laws on seeds outside of Canada.