Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will my order be shipped?

Your order is shipped 48 hours after your order is placed, usually much quicker. Your delivery date may vary based on your location and the shipping option you choose at checkout. 

What’s your return policy?

You have 30 days after you receive your order to request a refund or exchange. Just shoot an email to and we’ll get everything sorted. For exchanges, once we receive the item you want to exchange, we’ll take care of the shipping cost to get the right item to you. However, you are responsible for any postage cost incurred for sending the item to us. For refunds, the process is the same for sending the item to us. Once we’ve received your item, we’ll start the refund process right away! 

What do I do with my packaging once it arrives?

We’ve provided a bit of information in our About Page on how you can plant and grow wildflowers from your clothing tags! We also provide info on disposing of your packaging materials properly. Check it out!

Are your clothes true to size?

Yes, all of our activewear is true to size. Our size charts are listed in every item. We also include information on fit and comfort preferences in the product descriptions in case you’re looking for a more relaxed fit, have broader shoulders, etc.

What makes your activewear different from other brands?

We utilize unique solutions to create highly functional and performance-obsessed activewear that’s built to make you feel good, and perform to your standards. Our Muay Thai shorts are the first on the market with built-in compression shorts. Our rash guard features a slight V-neck that won't choke you out while training, and a rubber band inside the bottom hem that prevents it from riding up, allowing you to move smoothly and comfortably as you train. Our activewear works as hard as you do, allowing you to focus on perfecting your craft, rather than fighting with your clothing. As we continue to add to our line, we constantly are iterating and improving the activewear we’re releasing so that every woman who wears our clothes feels unstoppable.

Why do you use tattoo designs in your activewear?

We partner with tattoo artists for our designs because we feel that tattoos, much like martial arts, can be an empowering tool of self-expression and individuality. Our activewear embodies these elements and encourages you to explore your creativity through your garments. It's also a fun way to experiment with different tattoo designs, without having to commit to permanent ink!

Is there any meaning behind your brand name “Wicked Rose”?

Yes! The name is gritty, powerful and has a beautiful ring to it. But also, we wanted to bring a positive meaning to the word. Historically, wicked women were seen as a threat, cruel or unnatural. "Wicked witches" burned at the stake for being different, independent, unmarried or educated. But we've seen that it's the wicked women that make history. It wasn’t until 2013, twenty years after the UFC launched, that the first women’s fight took place. This wouldn't have been possible without the trailblazers and game-changers that made it possible. We want you to be proud to be Wicked and give you the tools you need to make your mark on the mat. 

Are you a sustainable brand?

We are doing our best to build a brand that we're proud of. Here are a few ways that we're trying to do right by our environment and stick to our values: All of our clothes are made in Canada, only 45 minutes away from Wicked Rose HQ. This greatly reduces our carbon emissions during production. We don't use any single-use plastics in our packaging and all our shipping materials are either recycled or compostable. We use a small-batch production model so that we aren't wasting resources or fabric simply to comply with MOQs (minimum order quantities) or for the sake of having more "just in case". We never, ever, ever send clothes to the landfill if they're returned. If we do have a defective item, we freecycle it (gift it) to someone who will enjoy it. For more info, please visit our About Page.

What's Your Privacy Policy?

You can find our privacy policy here.

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