Meet Our Founder

"I want women to feel like the priority, rather than an after thought"

I've founded Wicked Rose, and I'm so happy you're here! I've been training Muay Thai for five years and martial arts is a massive part of my life. When I started Wicked Rose, I wanted to create something just for female martial artists, that listened to their needs, championed for them, and offered clothing that they're excited to wear . Wicked Rose should make you feel strong, capable, and resilient on and off the mat.

In March 2020, I realized that there were no clothing brands specifically for women in martial arts, even though they made up 35% of people in martial arts gyms. All of my friends were wearing men's or unisex gear to train, which was uncomfortable, distracting, and ill-fitting. Gyms have created women’s only classes, and women’s self defense seminars, but the one thing that has really lagged behind has been women’s representation in our activewear. With Wicked Rose, I want to change that. I want women to feel like the priority, rather than an afterthought. We utilize unique solutions - built-in compression shorts, high waistbands, and elastic - that allow for freedom of movement without having to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. 

An activewear brand for women that is founded by someone who understands their frustrations, needs, and wants is long overdue. Wicked Rose is that brand, and I'm so happy you're along for the ride.