Phantom Collection Preorder Now Live!

The Ultimate 
Spats For Women In Martial Arts

Our Phantom Spats are changing the game. They feature a built-in second layer of fabric in the thighs and butt so that they’re not see-through, a 3-inch high waistband that sits at the most comfortable position on your waist, and a sweat-wicking, breathable fabric that moves with you rather than against you. Take 25% off the retail price when you preorder now.

Save 25% when you preorder!

Our Phantom Spats, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved rash guards are available for preorder now! We’ve worked tirelessly on this collection for the past three years, and we are so excited to finally release them. Preordering your set will save you 25%, and you'll get your order by November - in time for Christmas 🎄

Short & Long Sleeved Phantom Rash Guards

Our Phantom Rash Guards are the new gold standard for women’s rash guards. They feature a built-in anti-ride waistband, a slight V-neck that won’t choke you while training, and a sweat-wicking, breathable compression fabric that feels like a second skin.

Sustainability Meets Performance

Made in Vancouver, Canada from recycled polyester, each pair of spats
diverts 14 plastic bottles from landfills, and each rash guard diverts 10 bottles. Move with purpose, knowing you're making a positive impact.
Say goodbye to uncomfortable seams. Focus on your training without distractions from excessive stitching.
Featuring a double layer of fabric in the thighs and butt, ensuring that you can squat, roll, and run with confidence.
Express yourself, no long-term commitment required. Show your personality without the permanence of a tattoo.