Brand Ambassadors/Sponsorships

Brand Ambassadors

Want to join team Wicked Rose? We would be thrilled to have you! We’re always striving to lift up our community, supporting you as you step into the gym for the first time or the five hundredth. Our brand ambassadors are an incredible group of athletes from all different backgrounds, who strive every day to train comfortably, perform at their best, and constantly challenge themselves to improve. 

As a Wicked Rose brand ambassador, you will receive 20% off our products, a unique 10% off code that you can share with your friends, and insider info as we work on new releases. We may even tap you as a tester for new products, as we’re constantly testing and iterating to make the best possible activewear on the market.

Interested in becoming part of the family? Just send a bit about yourself to and we’ll reach out with next steps. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Send us your: 

Name, Gym, Location, # of years training, social media handles, a bit about yourself and why you want to rep Wicked Rose

Sponsored Athletes

Interested in becoming a Wicked Rose sponsored athlete? We would love to cheer you on, set you up with the raddest gear, and support you as you reach the top of your martial arts game.

As a Wicked Rose sponsored athlete, you will receive one of each of our products for free, a 10% off code to share with your friends, and, each time there’s a release, you will get early access to the gear. We will share insider info with you as we work on new products, and we’ll hopefully be able to offer you custom gear and more exciting perks once we’re a big, strong, established brand. 

Interested in joining the team? Send over an email to We’d love to grow with you and support you as you take the martial arts world by storm.

Send us your:

Name, gym, location, rank, professional (yes/no), social media handles, competitive acumen/record, how would you like Wicked Rose to support you/what do you want to get out of a partnership? Why would you like to be sponsored by Wicked Rose?